Making Connections and Executing in the Life Sciences


  • Sales & Marketing Plan and Execution for German Speaking Markets for US client offering high-throughput lab and sample handling in drug discovery
  • Establishment of a Pharma Sales Force Radiology in Germany States
  • Finance Set-Up / CFO for German Affiliate of International Conglomerate
  • Chemoinformatic Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Discovery of small molecules - Install CEO & Business Development
  • Grow Sales Germany - Diagnostics Supplier
  • Grow Sales Germany - Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Establish Tech Support on behalf of supplier of radiology
  • Establish Clinical Data Management with new Clinical Data Manager
  • Project Manager Ab Fragment Therapeutics
  • Business Management Nuclear Medicine
  • Clinical Study Coordination
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Clinical Research Establishment 
  • Regulatory Affairs Development
  • Project Manager Clinical Research
  • Business Development Mass Spectrometry
  • Japan Protein Development
  • CMC Regulatory Affairs with US based know how
  • Identification of opportunities in Protein Supply, Cell Culture, Expression and Purification
  • Clinical Trials, Diagnostic Test Development