Making Connections and Executing in the Life Sciences



Headline 13 January 2016: For a long time Germany's Biotech has not been as bullish as it is for 2016. The newly published survey by BIO Deutschland and transcript among Germany firms sends a strong signal. For example: fund raising / equity has increased in 2015 by 38% over previous year, venture capital has increased by even by 53%. more....

Europe is developing into one of the world's largest single markets ....

  ....despite all the prophecies of doom. Therefore, most overseas companies based in USA / Canada or Japan / Pacific Rim are already present via distributors. Signing up distributors for Europe is a rather straightforward exercise. As easy as it is, as limited are its growth potentials:

  • distributors mostly act by single (traditional) country, Italians for Italy, Spanish for Spain, British for Britain
  • distributors have many other priorities not necessarily yours
  • how do you choose who is the distributor best suited for your service or product?!


The trends for Europe ....

   ....are obvious: one European currency and one European Community will result in one true European market place. Locations in the German Speaking Area, in Benelux or the Eastern parts of France are ideally located for an own base in Europe with your own staff:

  • plenty of well trained candidates are fluent in at least two languages, mostly their mother tongue and English; inhouse studies indicate that more than 60% of the employees master English in addition to their native language
  • they are flexible with regard to geography and mobility; about 20% of the applicants for employment in Germany have a foreign background, half of those from other European countries, 3% from USA, 2% from Middle East, 2% from Eastern Europe.
  • almost half the professionals have had job or study experience abroad.

Why not consider your own representative(s) based in Europe? Life Science Consult is offering you entire service packages and, when desired, looks after them in their first months. 


Life Science Consult.... home in central Europe. It has a thorough understanding of how North America and Japan or Pacific Rim based companies may approach their geographic diversification into Europe. What is it that needs to be known when considering your own base in Europe?!


  • What are the options?! Analyzed in detail. 
  • Total cost of employing staff vs. contracting a distributor
  • identifying the optmal distributor or 
  • establishing your own affiliate, 
  • where to locate such affiliate?!
  • what are best ways to handle the administration and the reporting back to headquarters
  • who assist locally?! Get local connections to law firms and the right staff

Let us facilitate in many ways.


Case example:

  1. A west Coast Company in the USA felt it could grow faster in Europe if distributors were provided with local, hands-on support.
  2. Within 9 weeks, Life Science Consult identified several strong industry professionals, one of whom was chosen for training at Headquarters.
  3. The local professional then retrained all distributors, undertook site visits to potential customers, and assisted in relevant shows and conferences.
  4. His second full quarter resulted in double the business of the previous year - just 3 quarters after the initial decision to build a base in Europe was made.


The European Central Bank located in Frankfurt