Making Connections and Executing in the Life Sciences

Life Science Talent Network™....


stands for a database of experienced professionals in the Life Sciences and related industries. 
It is largely made up of....
They have professional experience in...
  • biologists                 
  • chemists                 
  • medical doctors                 
  • software and hardware engineers      
  • financial & manufacturing experts             

  • R&D                 
  • Regulatory & Patent issues                 
  • Business & Technology Development, Sales                 
  • Technical Service                 
  • Manufacturing & Regulatory Processes
  • Administration & Strategy

Segmented by competence, e.g....
...and by 'special' characteristics, e.g....
  • microscopy
  • protein characterization
  • cell modeling know how
  • assay development
  • medicinal chemistry / ADME, Tox
  • clinical development CRA's
  • CMC, QC & QA
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • business development & sales
  • technology scouting
  • in- / outlicensing
  • logistics in Life Sciences
  • patent law
  • legal counsel
  • project management discovery
  • Small molecules / biologics

  • start-up entrepreneurial experience (vs. corporate)
  • venture capital / auditing experience
  • investor relationships
  • Non-European language skills like Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese
  • dual or multiple citizenships
  • multicountry experience

Life Science Talent Network™ is an initiative of former top executives in what was called the German-Speaking Biotech Industry. It started out in 1999 and now encompasses more than 7.100 such professionals...

  • from almost all over the world, focus though on Central Europe     
  • in a systematic searchable fashion     
  • with significant other background information available only through personal contacts

Within a matter of minutes does the Life Science Talent Network™ allow for a dozen or more contacts of high relevance for our Clients' question. They serve as a starting point for further systematic investigation