Making Connections and Executing in the Life Sciences

Life Science Consult teams up with NuAge Vision for an effective UK – Germany business development boutique for the Life Sciences

Munich, Germany, 05 Sep 2014: “You wish to make it in Europe? You better have a market position both in the UK and the German speaking markets”, says Dieter Lingelbach, Managing Partner of Life Science Consult and experienced in bringing foreign Life Science companies into Europe, be it from the North America or from Japan. More...


Sensitivity to and appreciation for diversity are essential in today's labor market - and the more technological, the more important

Frankfurt, Germany, November 2013Frankly No.24 - The Fulbright Alumni e.V. Magazine

Europe’s Life Science Talent Network™ now exceeds 7.000 professionals from within the industry

Munich, Germany, 01 March 2013: The Life Science Talent Network™ was started in 1999 and in its 14 th year exceeds 7.000 professionals from within the Life Sciences industries: what are their academic qualifications, what is their specific work experience, what are their many other skills, what are their personalities?! Get your hands around the right professionals for your technology and business to expand in a foreign and new environment. More..


"in Vitro" Life Science Research Marketing

1 Jan 2013, Nicholas G Pay Marketing in Life Science— A treatise in the state of marketing in Life Sciences and some of the tools required to improve it using the SOFT approach. SOFT is an acronym for Strategic, Operational, Financial and Tactical. Written with 30 years experience in the industry. More....


Product and Industry Life Cycles - A review: A SOFT approach

25 Dec 2012, Nicholas G Pay

Product and Industry Life Cycles in Life Science. A review of the key analytical techniques for Marketers. More....


Dynamik des Arbeitsmarktes fördert freies Spiel der Kräfte

18 Oct 2011, Berlin, Germany - Laborwelt, Nr. 5/2011, S. 40, 12. Jahrgang


Unterstützung für ausländische Fachkräfte

15 June 2011, Berlin, Germany - Laborwelt, Nr. 3/2011, S. 43, 12. Jahrgang


Life Sciences: Genügend Fachkräfte vorhanden

20 April 2011, Berlin, Germany - Laborwelt  Nr. 2/2011, S. 40, 12. Jahrgang


Life Science Consult mourns deaths of its founder family

04 September 2010, Inning, Germany - Life Science Consult mourns the deaths of our founder Dr. Juergen Bergmeyer and his wife Dr. Eva Heine-Bergmeyer, who passed away on August 26, 2010.  They were kind friends and inspiring mentors who will be greatly missed by all partners and staff.


Life Science Consult to enter into its next Development Phase

17 June 2010, Strasbourg, France − Life Science Consult has founded a Scientific Advisory Board of experienced professionals to support the company’s activities in the biotechnology industry.  The board will monitor conditions and events regarding the global business and financial environments as they relate to the biotechnology industry and keep the company abreast of issues related to biotechnology education, academic research, and the labor market for scientists and technicians throughout the world.  The board members are also able to assist the company through their contacts with business leaders and political policy makers in a range of countries.  The first member of the new Scientific Advisory Board is Professor Doctor Elton McGoun, William H. Dunkak Chair of Finance at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania and visiting member of the Economics Faculty of the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Earlier this year Life Science Consult, a Munich- and Frankfurt- based consultancy specializing in the Central European Life Sciences industry, added Dr. Roland Toder and Ms. Joanne Crowe to their team of partners. Dr. Toder was CEO of Vivendy Therapeutics Ltd, co-founder and CEO of Axicos AG (both in Switzerland), and CSO of Germany-based GeneScan Europe AG (Eurofins). He is now President of AKALPA LifeScienceConsulting Ltd., New Zealand, focusing on the Pacific Rim region. Ms. Crowe spent many years with Qiagen in Los Angeles and Dusseldorf marketing research reagents and systems, and was most recently Marketing Director at MorphoSys AG.

Life Science Consult was founded in 1999 by Dr. Jürgen Bergmeyer, co-author of “Methods of Enzymatic Analysis” and a veteran executive with leading European pharmaceutical companies. Early on he saw the need for hands-on management advice to assist young companies in the field of what is called today Life Sciences. His mentorship in setting priorities, drafting business plans, organizing business processes, and acquiring personnel resources made him a sought after adviser to the many new entrepreneurs in the industry. In 2008 he turned over the leadership of his business to Dieter Lingelbach, MBA, who brought many years of experience at Roche Diagnostics and MorphoSys to the company.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals based in Munich and Frankfurt in Germany, Oxford UK, the Pacific Rim, and now Pennsylvania USA, Life Science Consult is very well positioned to further support its expanding client base to grow their Life Science businesses.


30 April 2010, Frankfurt, Germany:

Biotechnologie - ein Motor für viele oder gute Jobs?

Präsentation aus Anlass des Treffens der französischen Handelsräte bei sanofi-aventis, Frankfurt am Main