Making Connections and Executing in the Life Sciences

Life Science Consult is a network of professionals from within the Life Sciences Industry that was first assembled in 1999 and has been expanding since then. A handful of current partners are experienced senior managers and have been successfully engaged in numerous consulting projects within the industry. They are specifically skilled in:      

  • assist with your entry into Central Europe or vice versa into Japan, Pacific Rim, USA
  • analyzing and addressing business development issues both for technology sourcing and business expansion
  • develop appropriate marketing communication for effective first contacts
  • identifying and qualifying specialists and managers for challenging assignments

Dieter Lingelbach


Roche Diagnostics, MorphoSys, Booz & Company

Indiana University, U of Münster / Westfalen





Dr. Roland Toder




GeneScan, VC, Axicos, Vivendy Therapeutics, Switzerland

U of Freiburg, Human Genetics, Melbourne, Australia



Brigitte Masone


Qiagen, Penn State U, U of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine



Dr. Nick Pay

Oxford, UK

Becton Dickinson, Roche Diagnostics, Cytomix, Oxford Gene Technologies

PhD Physical Chemistry



Dr. Hiroyasu Nakatani


IMS Health, Chemical Society of Japan

Biophysics, Protein Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, U of Tokyo